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New publication on ultrasensitive optical mapping

CMS publishes article in Optics Express details the design and results of 2D finesse mapping

Crystalline Mirror Solutions has released an academic paper detailing the development and results of a 2-dimensional optical loss measurement system entitled, “Near-Infrared Scanning Cavity Ringdown for Optical Loss Characterization of Supermirrors.” This paper describes an automated cavity ringdown system built to probe the variations of losses over ultrahigh reflecting mirrors, and can be viewed on the Optics Express website. In the article, we explain the principle of operation and show the results of mapping the losses on a planar and curved mirror each with a reflectivity > 99.998%. Excellent precision and reproducibility is seen and uniformity better than the 2-ppm level is maintained on CMS production mirrors. Contact CMS if you have any questions about the capabilities of this unique system.


Journal citation:

G. W. Truong, G. Winkler, T. Zederbauer, D. Bachmann, P. Heu, D. Follman, M. E. White, O. H. Heckl, and G. D. Cole, “Near-infrared scanning cavity ringdown for optical loss characterization of supermirrors,” Opt. Express 27, 19141-19149 (2019)