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Thank you for a great event – Amazon MARS conference 2018

For Co-Founder and CEO of Crystalline Mirror Solutions LLC Garrett Cole, it was an honor being invited to MARS 2018 – the exclusive invitation-only conference organized by Amazon. The event featured a number of awe-inspiring talks, exciting activities, extremely interesting people and, of course, lots of robots. A personal highlight was the Executive Director of LIGO, David Reitze’s presentation, “Gravitational Waves: The Cosmic Soundtrack.” Dave did a fantastic job describing how our crystalline coating technology has the potential to redefine the performance metrics of the Advanced LIGO detectors.

David Reitze during his talk at the MARS conference


This year, a hand full of journalists were invited to the conference. As we cannot do the event justice with Garrett’s admittedly rudimentary reporting abilities, we recommend reading their articles: