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Professor Ursula Keller is a finalist for the 2018 European Inventor Award

CMS is happy to report that our collaborator, Professor Ursula Keller of the renowned ETH in Zurich, Switzerland, is a finalist for the 2018 European Inventor Award. In the video put together as part of the competition, an overview is provided on her groundbreaking research into ultrafast laser systems. At 3:57 Prof. Keller explains the details of one of the key elements of these devices, the “SESAM,” or semiconductor saturable absorber mirror. CMS is thrilled to have one of our devices featured in the video. The device comprises high-performance epitaxial material supplied by Prof. Keller’s group that was transferred and bonded by CMS to super-polished SiC substrates. We hope you enjoy this exciting video and come to appreciate how Prof. Keller’s “active mirrors” have made lasting contributions to this rapidly evolving field of laser science. While you are visiting these links, please be sure to cast a vote for Prof. Keller for this prestigious award; she certainly deserves it!