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Meet us at Laser World of Photonics in Munich; 25-29th June, Booth #B1.619

The largest exhibition for the international photonics industry meets every second year in Munich, and we are excited to participate for the second time in June 2017. As we reflect on the current status of CMS when compared with our initial exhibit in Munich in 2015, we are extremely proud of our development over these last two years.

Since 2015, we have more than doubled in size and have significantly expanded our capabilities and product offerings. We have also been honored to receive a number of prestigious awards, with highlights including the Leibinger Innovation Award in 2016 and the 2017 Prism Award in the Materials and Coatings category for our low-loss mid-infrared coating technology. Continued technical progress has enabled unforeseen scientific advancements, with our xtal stable™ optics now capable of cavity finesse levels exceeding 300,000 in the near infrared and our mid-IR mirrors (xtal MIR™) enabling new discoveries in chemical kinetics. Our crystalline coatings can now achieve a reflectivity greater than 99.99% from 900-5000 nm on a variety of substrate materials, with coating diameters up to 20 cm and a radius of curvature as tight as 10 cm. These advanced optics are currently used by leading university groups, national laboratories, and industrial customers around the world.

During the exhibition from June 26th through 29th, we would like to invite you to visit us at our booth, #619 in hall B1, to explore the opportunities for developing cutting-edge optics for your application. We look forward to meeting you at this exciting exhibition. Please contact us to schedule discussions with Dr. Mark White, Business Development Manager, and our Co-Founder Dr. Garrett Cole.

Additionally, CMS is presenting or participating in four scientific talks during the week. Please see below for more detailed information.

Be sure to visit these talks:

Mid-Infrared Crystalline Mirrors with Ultralow Optical Losses
25th June, 16:30-16:45, Hall A3 Room “Newton 2” (A32)
Speaker: Christoph Deutsch (Crystalline Mirror Solutions)

High Finesse Semiconductor Supermirrors
29th June; 9:30-9:45, ICM ground floor Room 1
Speaker: Garrett Cole (Crystalline Mirror Solutions)

Peak-power Scaling of Femtosecond SESAM-modelocked Yb:Lu2O3 Thin-disk Lasers
26th June, 12:15-12:30, Hall B1 Room “Einstein” (B11)
Speaker: Ivan J. Graumann (Ultrafast Laser Physics, ETH Zurich)

Ultrastable Lasers Based on Low Thermal Noise Optical Resonators
29th June, 9:15-9:30, ICM Ground floor Room 1
Speaker: Thomas Legero (Physikalisch-technische Bundesanstalt, PTB)