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SPIE Laser damage, CMS to attend

SPIE Laser Damage 2018 – Boulder, Colorado

The paper, "Laser-induced damage measurements of crystalline coatings," to be presented at the 2018 SPIE Laser Damage conference on Monday, September 24th.

For the first time, CMS will present our single-crystal semiconductor coating technology and recent measurements of their laser damage at the 2018 SPIE Laser Damage conference in Boulder, Colorado.

As a contributor to Session 3 – Materials and Measurements II, CMS Co-Founder, Dr. Garrett Cole, will present the paper, “Laser-induced damage measurements of crystalline coatings.” This session will take place on Monday, September 24th from 2:10-3:50 PM.

For a flavor of the presentation, please read the abstract below:

Substrate-transferred crystalline coatings represent a groundbreaking new concept in optical interference coatings. We have recently realized significant improvements in the optical performance of these substrate-transferred single-crystal multilayers, pushing the excess optical losses below 5 ppm, with absorption measured to be <1 ppm in the near infrared spectral region and scatter at or below 3 ppm in the same range, enabling reflectivities exceeding 99.9995% (with a measured cavity finesse >600,000 near 1550 nm). Here we explore, for the first time, the damage threshold of these novel coatings, presenting results for both pulsed and continuous-wave illumination.