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Meet with CMS at Cavity Enhanced Spectroscopy 2019

Learn about the unparalleled advantages of crystalline coatings for mid-IR optics at CES!

June 11-14 brings with it the 13th International User Meeting on Cavity Enhanced Spectroscopy in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Gar-Wing Truong and Dr. Mark White will be there to discuss how substrate-transferred semiconductor heterostructures have the potential for revolutionizing mid-IR optical coatings especially when used for high performance cavity end mirrors. Our collaborator, Dr. Oliver Heckl of the Christian Doppler Laboratory Mid-IR Spectroscopy and Semiconductor Optics at the University of Vienna, will present recent results on the characterization of high reflectivity crystalline coatings at 4.5 µm. Oliver and his team have shown < 50 ppm of excess optical losses (scatter plus absorption losses) in these novel optics, paving the way for high-resolution cavity-enhanced spectroscopy with low-loss crystalline mirrors. If you would like to arrange a meeting, please contact us. We’re excited to join the discussions and learn about the most recent developments in this field.