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Crystalline Mirror Solutions will be presenting at the IFCS-EFTF joint meeting in Orlando, FL.

Come hear CMS co-founder, Dr. Garrett Cole, present the talk, “Crystalline coating loss angle measurement via mechanical ringdown on large-area samples,” on Thursday, April 18 at 9:20 AM at the 2019 IFCS-EFTF joint conference in Orlando, FL. The work explores the elastic loss of ~70-mm diameter substrate-transferred crystalline coatings measured by direct mechanical ringdown. The loss angles, decomposed into bulk and shear components, (5.33±0.03)×10-4 and < 5.2×10-7 respectively, were incorporated in a finite element model to predict the performance of a 35-mm long cavity with a 250-μm beam waist (radius), yielding a coating loss angle of (4.78±0.05)×10-5, in agreement with published results from direct noise measurements, (4±4)×10-5. This test independently confirms the low-noise performance of GaAs/AlGaAs multilayers and shows that the elastic loss is not degraded with size scaling.

Dr. Cole, together with Dr. Gar-Wing Truong, are also featured as a co-authors on the work of Dr. Won-Kyu Lee from KRISS in Korea. Dr. Kyu will be presenting, “Ultrastable laser system using room-temperature optical cavity with 4.8×10-17 thermal noise limit,” during the afternoon poster session on Monday, April 15.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!