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CMS at Optical Interference Coatings Conference 2019

Learn more about crystalline coatings at OIC 2019

The 2019 meeting of the Optical Interference Coatings (OIC) Conference will take place June 3-7 in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico, and CMS will once again attend and present the latest advances in crystalline coatings. Dr. Gar-Wing Truong will present the latest results for the ongoing space qualification of crystalline coatings wherein crystalline coated mirrors were subjected to gamma radiation and there were no measured effects on the coatings or mirror performance. Dr. Garrett Cole will also attend the conference, so please contact either person to ask questions or discuss all the exciting capabilities of crystalline semiconductor coatings. In addition, CMS collaborators will present their work as well.

Assessing Substrate-Transferred GaAs/AlGaAs Coatings for Gravitational-wave Detectors

Friday, June 7, 9:05 – 9:10 AM, FA.3.
Steven Penn[1], Maya Kinley-Hanlon[2], Gregory Harry[2], Ian MacMillan[3], Garrett Cole[4], Paula Heu[4], David Follman[4], Christoph Deutsch[5]

1. Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY
2. American University, Washington, DC
3. Georgetown University, Washington, DC
4. Crystalline Mirror Solutions, Santa Barbara, CA
5. Crystalline Mirror Solutions GmbH, Vienna, Austria

Substrate-transferred, 70-mm diameter AlGaAs coatings were tested for possible use in gravitational wave detectors by measuring the elastic loss φ_bulk = (5.33 ±0.03)×10⁻⁴ and φ_shear = (0.0 +5.2-0.0)×10⁻⁷ and excess loss from bonding defects ≈ 5%.


Gamma Radiation Exposure of Crystalline Coatings for Space Applications

Friday, June 7, 9:10 – 9:15 AM, FA.4.
Gar-Wing Truong [1]; Kenji Numata [2]; Catherine Nguyen [1]; Garrett Cole[1]

1. Crystalline Mirror Solutions, Santa Barbara, CA
2. NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD

The effect of gamma radiation on the optical loss of high reflectivity monocrystalline supermirrors will be presented. These effects will be critical for space applications of low Brownian-noise crystalline mirrors for precision interferometry.