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Advances in mid-IR based sensing: sources, detectors and applications

Meet at TU Vienna

We are looking forward to this exciting event at TU Vienna. Together with the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Mid-IR Spectroscopy and Semiconductor Optics we are actively pushing the limits of high resolution measurements.

The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Mid-IR Spectroscopy and Semiconductor Optics works on the advancement of semiconductor optics, the research on coherent high-power mid-IR light sources and their application for high precision frequency comb spectroscopy.

The potential for unprecedentedly low optical losses in the MIR spectral regime open the way to completely new capabilities of MIR laser systems and applications, including medical and environmental monitoring. The latter is of significant interest as many large molecules for atmospheric science, medicine, and national security have fundamental vibrational transitions in this region, making it ideal for trace detection efforts. Cavity enhanced detection methods provide the best sensitivity and low-loss optical systems based on crystalline mirror technology will be able to generate a significant impact for such MIR sensing applications. Even without dedicated development efforts, the first crystalline MIR cavity ringdown prototype mirrors already show an optical performance on par with the best coatings present on the commercial market.