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CMS Co-Founder Garrett Cole to attend the MARS Conference – an invitation-only event sponsored by Amazon with Jeff Bezos

In collaboration with CMS Co-Founder Garrett Cole, the Executive Director of LIGO, David Reitze of Caltech, will present an overview of the current status and prospects for the next generation of gravitational-wave detectors at MARS – an invitation-only retreat on machine learning, home automation, robotics, and space exploration – bringing together leading scientists, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and imagineers in these fields. From March 18th to the 21st, David Reitze and Garrett Cole, along with the other exceptional attendees, will join Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO, in sunny Palm Springs, California for three days of talks, demonstrations, experimentation, and fun.


Details of the Event:

The MARS (machine learning, home automation, robotics, and space exploration) Conference is an invitation-only event sponsored by Amazon. In addition to technical demonstrations and afternoon activities, the program of this exciting meeting consists of a select set of technical talks. This year, Dr. Reitze will present an overview of the current status of the LIGO collaboration and will describe prospects for realizing enhanced sensitivity via near term improvements, as well as the next generation of gravitational-wave detectors.


“Improving the performance of these advanced astronomical instruments is essential for probing deeper into our universe,” said Dr. Reitze. “The ultimate aim of developing upgraded instruments is to realize a sensitivity gain that yields both daily observations and enables the discovery of new types of gravitational-wave sources.” As detailed in his presentation, further optimization of the LIGO interferometers to achieve enhanced event rates will vastly extend the gravitational-wave horizon on our universe.


Working towards the realization of improved gravitational-wave detectors, Crystalline Mirror Solutions (CMS) has developed a novel crystalline coating technology capable of a significant reduction in Brownian noise, a limiting factor for the Advanced LIGO interferometers. This topic will be highlighted as part of Dr. Reitze’s MARS presentation. “The unique single-crystal coatings developed by CMS surmount a decade old roadblock in precision measurement,” explained Dr. Cole. In the five years following incorporation, CMS has worked with world-renowned universities and metrology labs to deploy their optics in the world’s most precise optical atomic clocks. Since the early days of development of the CMS core technology, LIGO has been a key collaborator and supporter.


“Being invited to the MARS Conference and having our technology featured in a presentation by Dr. Reitze is a huge honor for the team at CMS,” said Dr. Cole. The conference lasts for three days with still unknown guests and a mostly unknown program, remaining one of the best kept mysteries of tech events. This is an exciting time for the whole of CMS and we look forward to the networking opportunities at this stimulating conference.