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CMS and Menlo Systems enter exclusive distribution agreement

The integration of Crystalline Mirror Solutions technology with the ORS product portfolio from Menlo Systems enables the most advanced ultra-stable optical references on the market.

As of June 26, 2019, CMS is excited to enter into an exclusive distribution agreement with Menlo Systems for the supply of low-noise optical reference cavities for the world’s most stable turn-key laser systems. The semiconductor-based monocrystalline mirrors manufactured by CMS exhibit a significant reduction in Brownian noise when compared with mirrors based on sputtered amorphous coatings, while simultaneously providing excellent optical properties. The integration of our xtal stable™ semiconductor supermirrors in Menlo Systems ORS product portfolio further advances the performance of these narrow-linewidth lasers, enabling Menlo Systems to provide ultra-stable optical references for cutting-edge applications in spectroscopy and quantum technology. Please do not hesitate to contact CMS if you would like more information on this technology.