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Christian Doppler Laboratory for mid-IR spectroscopy and semiconductor optics launches

We are very proud to announce that CMS is a co-sponsor of the newly launched Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) at the University of Vienna together with the bmwfw (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft) and the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft. Christian Doppler Laboratories are a unique example of how academia and industry can work together to develop commercial products from fundamental scientific research. The Christian Doppler Laboratory at the University of Vienna under the leadership of Dr. Oliver Heckl will focus on mid-IR spectroscopy and semiconductor optics.

Dr. Oliver Heckl was one of the first Crystalline Mirror Solutions (CMS) collaborators in 2013 when he was working at JILA in Boulder, Colorado. At CMS, we are extremely proud to collaborate with Dr. Heckl, particularly given his outstanding academic and industrial experience. We are very much looking forward to working even closer with Oliver and his exceptional research team. Being a spin-off from the University of Vienna with co-founder Prof. Markus Aspelmeyer, we are excited to remain in close collaboration with the university. The laboratory was officially opened on June 20, 2017 with a ceremony at the University of Vienna with participants from all four involved parties: the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft, bmwfw, the University of Vienna, and CMS. Dr. Garrett Cole, co-founder and CTO, made a video that was played at the ceremony in which he discussed the steps required to come this far and the challenge of finding the ideal candidate for this collaboration. Check out Garrett’s video below.

The research to be pursued at the CDL will cover all aspects of cavity-enhanced frequency comb spectroscopy, striving to extend frequency comb technology further into the mid-IR spectral region and pursue applications with these frequency combs in the fields of trace gas detection, precision spectroscopy, and molecular fingerprinting. Progress in the mid-IR spectral region has been hindered in large part by the lack of high-quality and low-loss optics. At the CDL, we will explore the advantages and possibilities of newly available high reflectivity and low-loss optics in the mid IR. These revolutionary mirrors will be based on semiconductor supermirror technology provided by CMS.

Please keep an eye out for future announcements arising from this exciting collaboration between the CDL and CMS.