Crystalline Mirror Solutions


Thermally optimized optics

Active and passive semiconductor structures combined with thermally-optimized substrates

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    Center wavelength

    900 nm

    5000 nm

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    Optical losses

    < 5ppm (scatter + absorption)

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    Coating thermal conductivity

    > 30 W / (m · K)



Optical transmission
Tunable, per customer request
Coating material
Single-crystal GaAs/AlGaAs
Substrate material
Diamond, SiC, or other materials possible
Coating area
200 mm diameter maximum, custom geometries possible
Surface flatness
<0.10 wave P-V measured @ 633 nm
Radius of curvature (ROC)
>0.1 m
Surface quality
<5 Å RMS micro-roughness, surface overcoat optional
S2 surface
AR coated for transmissive optics, super-polished, rough-cut, or metal coatings also available
Similar to fused silica, cleaning instructions provided on request

High-Power Lasers

xtal therm is our crystalline supermirror solution for high-power and ultrafast laser systems. With a thermal conductivity >30× higher than traditional sputtered coatings, these mirrors offer superior thermal management in harsh environments and are typically integrated with high-performance SiC or diamond substrates. Active functionality (e.g. saturable absorption) may also be realized in these structures.

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