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Redefining precision laser optics.


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NSF Center for Coatings Research

November 6-7, 2017 | Stanford University


CMS Co-Founder Garrett Cole attended the kick-off meeting for the newly launched LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) Center for Coatings Research (CCR), held during the first week of November at Stanford University. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the CCR seeks to extend the reach of next-generation gravitational wave detectors by addressing the dominant noise source limiting their performance, namely thermal noise in the interferometer end mirrors. This noise arises from dissipation processes driven by the thermal excitation of the vibrational modes of the optics and ultimately reduces the number of observable gravitational wave signals from astronomical sources. The CCR combines groups from across the United States working on computational modeling of amorphous materials, deposition of coatings, and characterization of their atomic structure and macroscopic properties. CMS, along with MLD Technologies and LMA, will participate as industrial partners, working with long-time collaborators including Prof. Gregg Harry‘s group from American University in Washington DC and Prof. Steven Penn‘s group at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, in Geneva, New York. The ten academic institutions that form the CCR are: American University; California State University, Los Angeles; California State University, Fullerton; Colorado State University; Hobart and William Smith Colleges; Stanford University; Syracuse University; University of California, Berkeley; University of Florida; and Whitman College.

International Conference on the Frontiers of Optical Coatings

October 22-26, 2017 | Guangzhou, China



CMS’s Co-Founder Garrett Cole will once again be participating in the Frontiers of Optical Coatings (FOC) conference in Guangzhou, China from October 22-26, 2017. This international conference is held every three years, with the 2017 edition marking the 4th iteration of the meeting.

Dr. Cole is honored to have been extended an invited presentation and will be providing a detailed overview of our crystalline coating technology in the Low-Loss Coating session on October 23rd (MB-2, 10:55—11:20 AM, title: “Semiconductor Supermirrors”).

We look forward to visiting Guangzhou while learning about the new and exciting developments in the field of optical coatings!



Electro Optics Magazine, July Issue

CMS was recently featured in the July 2017 issue of Electro Optics magazine as part of the “Product Focus: Bright Reflection; A round-up of the latest optical mirrors,” overview.

Check it out:

Laser World of Photonics in Munich

Laser World of Photonics in Munich is always a highlight for the general photonics industry and especially for CMS. Once again, this year was no exception. For the 2017 edition of the conference and tradeshow, CMS presented two talks at CLEO/Europe-EQEC, was a contributor to another two talks, displayed our products and technology in our booth, and was selected as a top 5 finalist in this year’s PHOTONICS Award. After a very competitive pitching session, we were thrilled to have been selected as the third-place winner of the PHOTONICS Award as part of the Start-up World at the Laser World of Photonics. Winning this prize highlights the accomplishments of our young organization and increases the awareness of our products and technology in the competitive photonics sector. It is always enjoyable to receive confirmation on how our work is redefining the field of precision laser optics.

We would also like to thank everyone who visited us and for the great discussions at our booth. We look forward to collaborating on new projects and solving challenging problems for our customers!

Christian Doppler Laboratory for mid-IR spectroscopy and semiconductor optics

We are very proud to announce that CMS is a co-sponsor of the newly launched Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) at the University of Vienna together with the bmwfw (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft) and the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft. Christian Doppler Laboratories are a unique example of how academia and industry can work together to develop commercial products from fundamental scientific research. The Christian Doppler Laboratory at the University of Vienna under the leadership of Dr. Oliver Heckl will focus on mid-IR spectroscopy and semiconductor optics.

Dr. Oliver Heckl was one of the first Crystalline Mirror Solutions (CMS) collaborators in 2013 when he was working at JILA in Boulder, Colorado. At CMS, we are extremely proud to collaborate with Dr. Heckl, particularly given his outstanding academic and industrial experience. We are very much looking forward to working even closer with Oliver and his exceptional research team. Being a spin-off from the University of Vienna with co-founder Prof. Markus Aspelmeyer, we are excited to remain in close collaboration with the university. The laboratory was officially opened on June 20, 2017 with a ceremony at the University of Vienna with participants from all four involved parties: the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft, bmwfw, the University of Vienna, and CMS. Dr. Garrett Cole, co-founder and CTO, made a video that was played at the ceremony in which he discussed the steps required to come this far and the challenge of finding the ideal candidate for this collaboration. Check out Garrett’s video below.

The research to be pursued at the CDL will cover all aspects of cavity-enhanced frequency comb spectroscopy, striving to extend frequency comb technology further into the mid-IR spectral region and pursue applications with these frequency combs in the fields of trace gas detection, precision spectroscopy, and molecular fingerprinting. Progress in the mid-IR spectral region has been hindered in large part by the lack of high-quality and low-loss optics. At the CDL, we will explore the advantages and possibilities of newly available high reflectivity and low-loss optics in the mid IR. These revolutionary mirrors will be based on semiconductor supermirror technology provided by CMS.

Please keep an eye out for future announcements arising from this exciting collaboration between the CDL and CMS.

PRISM AWARD Ceremony Video

The video of our Co-Founder, Dr. Garrett Cole, giving his acceptance speech for the xtal mir™ product line at the 2017 PRISM Award Gala has just been released.

CMS was the winner of the PRISM Award in the category “Materials and Coatings” in January 2017 in San Francisco.

Check out Garrett’s acceptance speech here.

Check out the latest article about CMS in the May edition of Electro Optics Magazine

Read the latest article about an exciting application of our crystalline coatings and their future in space. It was published in the May edition of Electro Optics magazine.

At the moment, our technology is still earth bound, but things might change in the course of the coming years. This article addresses the challenges of space-based optical coatings and their requirements for ultra-high quality mirrors.

CMS is currently working as part of a consortium led by Airbus and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) on the implementation of crystalline coatings in space-relevant applications. The ultimate goal of this project is to supply a robust and high-performance optical reference cavity for the construction of a near-infrared “optical local oscillator”.

You can find the full article here.

CMS makes the cover of Compound Semiconductor Magazine!

We are very proud to have been selected for the cover of the May 2017 issue of Compound Semiconductor Magazine!

Our contributed feature article explains the advantages of crystalline coatings over state-of-the-art sputtered coatings and outlines the potential new application areas of our groundbreaking technology.

Check out the full article here!

Meet us at Laser World of Photonics in Munich; 25-29th June, Booth #B1.619

The largest exhibition for the international photonics industry meets every second year in Munich, and we are excited to participate for the second time in June 2017. As we reflect on the current status of CMS when compared with our initial exhibit in Munich in 2015, we are extremely proud of our development over these last two years.

Since 2015, we have more than doubled in size and have significantly expanded our capabilities and product offerings. We have also been honored to receive a number of prestigious awards, with highlights including the Leibinger Innovation Award in 2016 and the 2017 Prism Award in the Materials and Coatings category for our low-loss mid-infrared coating technology. Continued technical progress has enabled unforeseen scientific advancements, with our xtal stable™ optics now capable of cavity finesse levels exceeding 300,000 in the near infrared and our mid-IR mirrors (xtal MIR™) enabling new discoveries in chemical kinetics. Our crystalline coatings can now achieve a reflectivity greater than 99.99% from 900-5000 nm on a variety of substrate materials, with coating diameters up to 20 cm and a radius of curvature as tight as 10 cm. These advanced optics are currently used by leading university groups, national laboratories, and industrial customers around the world.

During the exhibition from June 26th through 29th, we would like to invite you to visit us at our booth, #619 in hall B1, to explore the opportunities for developing cutting-edge optics for your application. We look forward to meeting you at this exciting exhibition. Please contact us to schedule discussions with Dr. Mark White, Business Development Manager, and our Co-Founder Dr. Garrett Cole.

Additionally, CMS is presenting or participating in four scientific talks during the week. Please see below for more detailed information.

Be sure to visit these talks:

Mid-Infrared Crystalline Mirrors with Ultralow Optical Losses
25th June, 16:30-16:45, Hall A3 Room “Newton 2” (A32)
Speaker: Christoph Deutsch (Crystalline Mirror Solutions)

High Finesse Semiconductor Supermirrors
29th June; 9:30-9:45, ICM ground floor Room 1
Speaker: Garrett Cole (Crystalline Mirror Solutions)

Peak-power Scaling of Femtosecond SESAM-modelocked Yb:Lu2O3 Thin-disk Lasers
26th June, 12:15-12:30, Hall B1 Room “Einstein” (B11)
Speaker: Ivan J. Graumann (Ultrafast Laser Physics, ETH Zurich)

Ultrastable Lasers Based on Low Thermal Noise Optical Resonators
29th June, 9:15-9:30, ICM Ground floor Room 1
Speaker: Thomas Legero (Physikalisch-technische Bundesanstalt, PTB)

Meet us at CLEO 2017 in San Jose I May 16-19th, Booth #1637

CMS is thrilled to once again be participating in the 2017 edition of the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) at the San Jose Convention Center in downtown San Jose, California. During the conference we will be exhibiting at the CLEO:EXPO from May 16th to the 18th. Please visit us at booth #1637 to see our mirrors and hear why crystalline coatings are rapidly becoming the gold standard in optical interference coatings.

In addition to the display and booth, our very own Dr. Garrett Cole is co-organizing a special session on Thermal Noise in Precision Interferometry, to be held Friday, May 19th. This symposium aims to outline the state-of-the-art in the field, describing the impact of thermal noise processes on applications including quantum optomechanical systems, cavity QED experiments, narrow-linewidth lasers for optical clocks, and, most prominently, gravitational wave detector design. The symposium will serve to educate interested parties on the fundamental scientific aspects, as well as implications for advanced applications in precision metrology, outlining opportunities for materials scientists, physicists, and optical engineers interested in pursuing basic research efforts and the development of components and systems with reduced thermal noise.

Be sure to mark your calendar, and we look forward to meeting you!